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Product No: CK210

Product Name: Small CNC Lathe

  • High performance 2 axis Lathe CNC controller.
  • 7 inches color screen, interface can be made of parameter selection in both Chinese and English.
  • The standard spec includes MPG hand wheel.
  • Selection of high -quality casting materials,more compact,High strength guide way.
  • Automatic 4 positions tool post.
  • Auto power off when door open
  • High quality 2 axis step motor,high torque brushless motor.
  • USB and RS232 port, DNC function of USB.
  • Control speed of G code.
  • Best choice for DIY or Hobby user and Education & Training CNC.


(1).Automatic 4 positions tool post.
(2).With sink and nozzles.
(3).High performance 2 axis cnc lathe controller,Optional siemens 808D or GSK980TB3 CNC controller..
(4). ARM 9 CPU+FPGA,Ethernet network interface,Support B macro function,PLC function,Mutil-language library function..
(5).Lathe CNC machine tools based entirely on the design and manufacture, reflects the structural integrity of facilitate future design ideas.
(6). The standard spec includes MPG hand wheel.
(7). USB and RS232 port, DNC function of USB.
(8). Network interface, supporting for remote monitoring and DNC file transfer processing.
(9). Control speed of G code.
(10). Selection of high -quality casting materials,more compact.
(11). A collection of double-nut ball screw, bearings and couplings with high precision positioning, while adding an automatic oil lubrication system, to protect your machine precision, extended service life.
(12). 220VAC or 110VAC single-phase AC power supply.
(13). Safety electrical components of high quality.
(14). Auto power off when door open.
(15). Applicable industry: technology development, advertising design, art, ocational technical college Education & Training CNC and DIY enthusiasts.

Technical parameters
Turning diameter over bed(max) 210mm
Chuck diameter 100mm
Spindle speed 100-1750r/min(control speed of G code)
Spindle through-hole 20mm
Spindle mount MT3
Spindle motor power 500W
X travel 80mm
Z travel 290mm
The max moving speed 2000mm/min
The max feeding speed 1000mm/min
Control system Adtech 4620,Optional siemens 808D or GSK980TB3 cnc controller
Instruction DXF+G code template function, converting DXF automatically to G code for processing
MPG handwheel 4 axis
Tool position 4
Tool dimension 10*10mm
Tailstock taper MT2
Tailstock sleeve diameter 20mm
Travel of tailstock 25mm
Positioning accuracy: 0.02mm
Repeatability accuracy 0.015mm
Power 220VAC / 110VAC
Weight(NW/GW) 180/200KG
Overall dimension 1000*580*680mm
Packing size 1100*700*610mm
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CK210 Mini CNC lathe
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