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XK200 Micro CNC Milling

XK200 Micro CNC Milling

Product No:XK200

XK300 Micro CNC Milling

XK300 Micro CNC Milling

Product No:XK300

Yornew Micro CNC Lathe

CK140 Micro CNC Lathe

Product No:CK140

Yornew Mini CNC Lathe

CK210 Micro CNC Lathe

Product No:CK210

Yornew Mini CNC Machines

China yornew Small CNC Machines

Yornew Small CNC Machines is safe to use because it has been designed for use in schools,it is economic because it has been dimensioned and priced to suit real teaching situations. It is small enough to fit into existing classroom and workshop spaces - and to be moved easily between them. But it is large and powerful enough to produce work that has the best "take home" appeal - essential to promote good parent- school relationships.It is compatible with all types of PC computers because it uses both types of programmes: ISO norms or CADCAM toolpath in 2D & 3D presentations.From 3-Axis to 4-Axis to 5-Axis simultaneous milling capabilities our small CNC mill series can meet a wide range of benchtop CNC mill and micro drilling applications. Popular applications include complex R&D projects, education, aerospace, prototyping, dental, jewelry and so much more.

Yornew Mini CNC machining parts

Processing material includi aluminum\plastic\iron\ metal processing.